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Google Unveils New Metrics for Brand Marketers

Digital marketers praised Google’s new measurement tools, but said they might not go far enough to make display advertising more accountable.

On Wednesday Google said it’s offering the tool, Active View, which is designed to measure whether an ad has actually been viewed.

“This is a way to help advertisers only pay for display ads that are actually seen, and that’s....More>>>

3 Essential Social Media SEO Tips for Advertisers – ad -tech San Francisco

Today I’ll be speaking at ad:tech San Francisco with one of my favorite people in the Search Marketing industry, Melanie Mitchell, who is a Senior VP of Search Strategy at Digitas. She’s tasked a panel including Simon Heseltine, Rob Snelland myself to talk about “Modern Search Engine Optimization”.

While SEO is a billion dollar industry, many companies focused on....More>>>

The Fallacy of Influence

How important is influence with online marketing? Most professionals would say influence is pretty important, especially when it comes to social media. The notion is that a few key people can spread an idea to their audiences and networks, causing a brand’s content to “go viral” or at least gain more substantial distribution than if the content were promoted to the every day social....More>>>

3 Tools to Monitor Any Page or Site Changes

There may be various reasons why you might need to track a web page:

(1) You can use page trackers instead of an RSS reader to monitor new front page stories;
(2) You can track Digg category pages to watch the dynamics;
(3) You can track Google “Past 24-hours” results to monitor your competitors, etc.

This post lists 3 handy FireFox addons that will help you monitor....More>>>

An Open Letter From a Frustrated Outsourced Link Building Author

Outsourcing your link building efforts can work, but as a Textbroker author I can tell you right now, most people aren't doing it right. The majority of clients who submit articles are still living in a world before the Panda update, and a striking number of them still use tactics that haven't even worked since Google's inception.

I'm going to tell you now, what....More>>>

5 Basic SEO Troubleshooting Tips for Content Marketers

Content Marketing Not Performing? Troubleshoot SEO Basics.

This post is a preview of a new downloadable guide I will be offering for those who pre-order Optimize


What Customer Services Can Learn from SEO

The principles guiding search engine optimisation are sound business goals for all areas of a company, including customer service. From showing off how local you are, to putting quality of calls above quantity, here’s what your customer services team can learn from SEO…


A good SEO campaign is informed by feedback from your web analytics – highlighting the....More>>>

New – Google Classifies Subdomains As Internal Links Within Webmaster Tools

Google has changed the way they handle reporting links within Google Webmaster Tools. Instead of considering subdomain links as external links, they are now considered internal links.

Google made this announcement on their Google Webmaster Blog, explaining that this applies to both the non-WWW and WWW versions and other subdomains on the domain name. Google said:

Most people think....More>>>