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How Google+ Affected Social Shares and +1 Adoption Rates

Google announced the +1 button in March much to the enthusiasm and confusion of webmasters and SEOs the world over. "What’s the point?", people asked. "Why should I +1 a site? Should I implement it on my site?"

It seems the answer now is clear, with the launch of the Google+ "social experiment" last week that has kept me from getting work done....More>>>

12 Timeless Link Building Tips for Business Blogs

Link Building for Business Blogs Doesn't Need to Be Risky

As a key component of a hub and spoke online marketing strategy, blogs can be very effective for social media network engagement, online PR, customer service, and as search engine optimization assets. While there are numerous cases studies of business blogs (I like to think


Winning The Rank Tracking Game in 2012 and Beyond

“Rankings are dead”

“Personalization has killed rank tracking”

You hear it at every SEO conference or meetup and yet, every agency and competitive SEO I know tracks their rankings, even if just a few.

It’s time to shift the the discussion from if rank tracking is useful or not to the reality: we all track rankings or have a boss or client who does…so....More>>>

Refuting 4 Top Pay-Per-Call Misconceptions

Many local search advertisers today want performance based ad programs and advertising providers are happy to be able to monetize the leads they are delivering via pay-per-click, pay-per-call or via another action-based lead activity.

The good news is that the quality of local search advertising leads is on the rise, as indicated by average call durations we recently evaluated on our network.


2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Click the image above to download your copy of the report.

While the speculation, pontification and monetization of social media is reaching momentum of tsunami proportions, many businesses looking for practical advice are asking, “Exactly


Study – Insurance, Loan-Related Keywords Are Google’s Cash Cows

Insurance-related keywords are the source of 24% of Google’s AdWords revenue, with the highest CPC coming in at a whopping $54.91, according to a study by search marketing company WordStream. The company used its own keyword database and the Google Keyword Tool to come up with the top 10,000 most expensive English-language keywords over a 90-day period.

Examples of key phrases in the....More>>>

Google Retires The Googlebot-News Bot

Today, Google announced that they will no longer be crawling news sites with Googlebot-News and instead will crawl news sites with Googlebot, the same bot that crawls sites for web search. However, you can still block your content from being indexed in Google News by disallowing Googlebot-News in robots.txt or using a meta robots tag.

Blocking Content From Google News

Seem confusing?....More>>>

Page To Anti-Trust Critics – “Actions” & Google+ Are An Essential Part Of Search

Google’s taken flak over the past year from critics about how the company has been integrating actions such as booking flights or hotels into its search results. It’s also faced criticisms that it is leveraging its search dominance to build its Google+ social network. I found it notable that Google CEO Larry Page, in his “2012 Update from the CEO“