Monthly Archives: January 2013

Google Updates “Hot Searches” With Images & Stories

Google has announced an update to Hot Searches, formerly known as Google Hot Trends. The update gives the page a more magazine look with images from news papers, news stories, related searches, and more. But it appears to remove the ability to search for hot trends by date.

Here is a close up of what the top trending search concept is right now, Apple:

As you can see, the image....More>>>

2012 London Olympics – How the World Was Searching

The Olympics always produces great stories and gut wrenching drama. From the early questions regarding Michael Phelps’ legacy (not an issue) to Usain Bolt’s dominance in sprinting (quite dominant) we are rarely at a loss for discussion topics when it comes to the Olympics. The entire world participates, and every country has its own story to tell at the end of each day’s competition.