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Digital Disruption is Affecting Search Marketing – Are You Ready?

“Digital disruption is here,” Shar VanBoskirk of Forrester Research announced during the day two keynote at Covario’s INFLECTIONPoint 2013 conference. “Marketers must innovate to manage digital disruption.”

Of all the brilliant minds in Forrester, VanBoskirk seems to have the best handle on search marketing and what it means to SEO professionals. But she also....More>>>

Google Signals Upcoming Algorithm Change, Asks For Help With Scraper Sites

Google is calling for help in identifying a long-running problem: scraper sites in its search results — and particularly scraper sites that are ranking higher than the original page. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s spam fighting group, put out the call for help on Twitter this morning:

Scrapers getting you down? Tell us about blog scrapers you see: We need....More>>>

8 Ways to Optimize for Humans – The Art of Data-Driven Social Marketing

AimClear CEO Marty Weintraub took to the stage this morning to deliver a fantastic and entertaining keynote on optimizing for humans.

In the SES London Day 3 keynote, Weintraub talked about methods to expand your social media strategy while focusing on immediately actionable paid and organic social tactics.

Technology change is a constant but people don’t change. Hence, marketers....More>>>

Known Issue With Google Sitemaps Index Count

The Google Webmaster Central team posted a known issue report with a bug in the reporting engine within Google Webmaster Tools. The indexed URLs report is currently showing 0 pages indexed for most sites who have submitted sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools.

The notice reads:

The indexed URL counts for Sitemaps that you have submitted in Webmaster Tools may be showing zero (0) indexed....More>>>

Google Sends BBC News A Manual Link Penalty Notification

Google has sent the world’s largest broadcast news organization, BBC News, an unnatural link notification last Saturday.

The Search Engine Roundtable reports Nick, a BBC News representative, posted in the Google Help Forums about the notification. Nick was seeking advice from Google or SEOs on how he may find those unnatural links so the BBC can remove them and submit a reconsideration....More>>>

Bing Visual Search Vanishes Down Memory Hole

Have you seen Bing Visual Search lately? Probably not.

Heck, nobody even noticed it was gone and the link was no longer working until a report from this week pointed out that the feature – introduced as the search equivalent of walking into a store and visually browsing products – had quietly vanished.

Even the Bing....More>>>

Why Content Marketing is a Great SEO Strategy, Not a Short-Term Tactic

Content marketing is a great SEO strategy – even better better than link building. Shifting your strategy from search marketing to content marketing is increasingly leading to higher search rankings and more organic traffic.

Some tests in May that looked at the impact of Google+ to organic search performance produced some interesting results. I analyzed two sets of clients I was working....More>>>

Why Apple Is Going “Containment” Not “Thermonuclear” Against Google In iOS 6

I keep hearing people talking about Apple finally going “thermonuclear” on Google with the forthcoming iOS 6 mobile operating system. No, it hasn’t. In fact, there are good reasons why it can’t, though Apple is certainly exercising a much more subtle and smart containment strategy.

Themonuclearly Renewing With Google

The thermonuclear reference comes from the....More>>>

Goodbye Google+ People & Pages, Hello Knowledge Graph Box

Google’s Knowledge Graph has claimed its first “victim,” if you will: The content box that showed “People and Pages On Google+” is gone. In its place? A variety of Knowledge Graph-related content that will show up differently depending on the search query.

In making the changes to this prime real estate on a search results page, Google is lessening somewhat....More>>>