Monthly Archives: May 2013

How We Are Ohio Used YouTube to Drive Viewership & Sway Voters

Kate Kaye, a Senior Editor at ClickZ News, says, “Online video – from in-banner and streaming video advertising to short films on YouTube – is poised to have a greater impact on the 2012 Presidential race than any election before it.”

YouTube is also poised to have a greater impact on crucial senate races. In Massachusetts, the campaigns of Republican Senator Scott....More>>>

Google Updates “Hot Searches” With Images & Stories

Google has announced an update to Hot Searches, formerly known as Google Hot Trends. The update gives the page a more magazine look with images from news papers, news stories, related searches, and more. But it appears to remove the ability to search for hot trends by date.

Here is a close up of what the top trending search concept is right now, Apple:

As you can see, the image....More>>>