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Google Turns 12 Years Old Today

Today is Google’s 12th birthday and to celebrate, Google has posted a special Google birthday logo cake. The birthday cake was designed by Wayne Thiebaud, an 89 year old artist. Wayne Thiebaud is well know for his work in painting and drawing cakes, pastries and other food items.

Is today, September 27th, Google’s real birthday? Yes it is, but it wasn’t always so....More>>>

Sergey Brin Clarifies Open Web, Apple, Facebook Comments

Google co-founder Sergey Brin has repeated warnings that the greatest threat to Internet freedom is government censorship focused on crushing political dissent, and warned that attacks against online piracy are “misguided and dangerous”.

Brin’s comments were made from his Google+ profile, and were in reaction to what he called “distorted” secondary....More>>>

Downloads & Pivot Tables for AdWords Analysis

You spend time extracting data about AdWords campaigns to send to your clients, your boss, and other stakeholders. But more important for your performance is the data you extract for yourself, to really analyze issues. Let’s look at what you should take into consideration when preparing data for analysis.

This Isn’t Reporting

The most important thing to keep in mind when....More>>>

AdWords Enhanced Mobile Campaigns – 5 Things PPC Marketers Need to Know

Google’s big change to mobile search, enhanced campaigns, so far has generated mixed reviews. The enhanced campaigns will be available as an optional upgrade later this month, then all AdWords campaigns will be automatically upgraded to the new format by around June. This affects all PPC advertisers.

Here’s what you need to know about upgrading to enhanced campaigns.


Google Finally Discontinues The Blocked Sites Feature

After over a year of the blocked sites feature not working, Google has officially declared they are discontinuing the feature — two months after Google promised it would return.

Google introduced blocked sites in March 2011 after struggling with various ways to allow searchers to block sites from showing in the search results. Google has tried browser extensions, SearchWiki and several....More>>>

Newsjacking – Own the Second Paragraph with David Meerman Scott

With SES Chicago over, we’re picking up our Wednesday guest posts again. This time with my friend David Meerman Scott, best-selling author of numerous books including The New Rules of Marketing & PR, Real-Time Marketing & PR and a new book called Newsjacking