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Web TV Shows Promise, But Lack of Paid Search Strategy is Puzzling

The online video market has been predominantly characterized by two fundamentally different types of content: user generated content (UGC) and professionally-produced premium content. The former has incredible reach, but due to a variety of factors such as potentially unsafe brand environments and lower production values it does not command the same high CPMs as the latter. Premium video content,....More>>>

For Social Media Marketers, SEO Is Much More Popular Than PPC

Social media marketers are much more likely to also use SEO in their marketing efforts than PPC, according to a new survey out today.

Social Media Examiner announced the results of its fourth annual survey, which this year had replies from more than 3,800 social media marketers around the world.

When asked what other marketing channels they use, search engine optimization (SEO) was....More>>>

Google, Bing Grow Search Market Share as Yahoo Continues to Wither

Google further increased its already dominant share of the U.S. search engine market in June, topping its own record set in May, according to comScore. Bing also saw its market share increase, while Yahoo’s decline extended to 10 months.

Google’s share of the U.S. search engine market stood at 66.8 percent as of June – topping its record 66.7 percent, set....More>>>

How to Use Google Analytics Advanced Segments

Google Analytics provides powerful but under-advertised features for grouping your visitors into buckets based on features of their visit. If you don’t know much about these yet or how to use them, read on.

What are Advanced Segments?

Google Analytics provides some very intuitive default reports. From simple things like being able to see your total number of monthly visits,....More>>>

Google Kicks Ad Blocking Android App Out of Google Play Store

Google has removed ad blocking app Adblock Plus from the Google Play store. Adblock Plus said this “unilateral move by Google threatens consumer choice.”

So, why has Google pulled ad blocking apps? According to the firm, Adblock Plus “interferes with or accesses another service or product in an unauthorized manner”, which Google said is a violation of section 4.4....More>>>

Force Feeding Mobile – Google Continues SMB Courtship

For years Google has tried to court SMBs into search marketing through various means. This includes local sales channels (resellers) and directly to the more savvy “self-serve” SMB advertisers.

The latter has taken on many forms, such as free coaching and website development – a sort of training wheels to get SMBs online before they’re hoped to graduate to search....More>>>

14 Search Tools to Bookmark

Here are some really useful tools, some of which you will use every day, if you aren’t already. Exercise some critical judgment though: a tool is only as good as it’s data – so take a moment to check if the data is believable, and to think about other sources you can cross reference against.

Search Engine, Browser and Device Stats

One tool I come back to again and....More>>>

Bing Webmaster Tools Adds Site Move Tool

Bing announced a new feature for Bing Webmaster Tools – the ability to inform Bing of a site move.

The new Bing Site Move Tool allows you to not just move from one domain to another domain but also from within a site; URLs to URLs.

Moving From Within The Same Domain Name

If you are moving and redirecting many URLs from one place to another within the same existing site,....More>>>

Snap Judgment – Signs of a Good Blog

With the number of blogs growing dramatically every day, it can sometimes be hard to know if a blog is worth reading or not.

If you are a web surfer looking for new blogs here are a few trigger points that can help you determine if a blog is worth reading or not. If you are a blogger, generating content, use this list as an audit to help ensure your blog is attracting visitors, not turning....More>>>

Asteroid 2012 DA14 Google Doodle Pulled After Meteor Blast

You won’t be seeing an animated Google Doodle meant to coincide with the passing of Asteroid 2012 DA14 on Google’s home page today. The Doodle, which you can see above, was pulled after hundreds of injuries were reported in Russia due to a meteor blast.

NBC News described the meteor blast as “an atomic bomb-sized shock wave” that hurt nearly a thousand people....More>>>