Monthly Archives: February 2014

Flickr Pro Users To Lose Historical Referrer Data Tomorrow

If you’re a Flickr Pro user, you have about 24 hours to download the historical stats and referrer data associated with your photos. CSV and/or Excel files are available via your stats page until 12:00 pm PDT tomorrow, June 1st. You’ll see a yellow warning message like the one below, with a direct link to the download page:

After tomorrow’s deadline, Pro users will....More>>>

23-Point Web Content Litmus Test – Is It Truly Unique, Engaging & High Quality?

Creating unique, high quality content for company websites, blogs or social is one of the biggest challenges businesses face. Each piece you publish must accurately reflect your business and be unique, engaging, and relevant to have any positive effect with your readers – and with search engines.

Use this informal litmus test to see how your content measures up. Be critical in your....More>>>