Monthly Archives: May 2014

Still Seeing Post-Penguin Web Spam In Google Results? Let Google Know

Google’s next generation Penguin update is now live, and webmasters and SEOs are carefully assessing how this update has impacted their websites.

Google is assessing things as well — how this has impacted the search results, search quality and searcher satisfaction.

Google’s head of search spam tweeted, asking that if you still see spammy websites coming up in the....More>>>

Using Multipliers Effectively in AdWords

Since the switch to enhanced campaigns AdWords has become a system of overlapping targets and multipliers. When Google announced Enhanced Campaigns they said that mobile device bids would now be controlled by a multiplier on the base bid.

Leaving aside the argument of which level (campaign, ad group or keyword) this multiplier should be set at, it hints at a major shift in AdWords and how....More>>>