Monthly Archives: June 2014

Can We Please Stop Hyping Social as the Marketing Messiah?

If tech media coverage frequency were to serve as a barometer of the relative utility of the digital channels available to marketers, one could be forgiven for concluding that search’s value pales in comparison to the much-covered social media.

An analysis of “SEO” vs. “social media” coverage on the top two major tech blogs, while not the most scientific study....More>>>

Snickers AdWords Campaign Targets Searchers So Hungry They Can’t Spell

Targeting misspelled keywords has long been a strategy in search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising in order to capture traffic that while it might not have as many impressions, it can be often cheaper than the correctly spelled term or easier to rank for the term. However, Snickers has taken this strategy to a whole new level, not only targeting misspelled keywords, but also using....More>>>