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Anatomy of a Successful PPC Ad

So much technical work goes into your online marketing that you may get lost in the minutiae. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that creative advertising still matters.

A great example: ad copywriting, which plays a crucial factor in your company’s success. Nowhere is this more evident than in PPC advertising, where you have little time to capture the attention of a potential customer.


Which Online Flower Store’s PPC Ad Won Mother’s Day 2013?

Every Mother’s Day, the pressure is on for online flower stores to use elements of persuasion throughout their PPC ads and websites to engage and convert visitors. With more than $2.3 billion forecast to be spent on flowers for Mother’s Day 2013, the competition is fierce.

So which retailer did the best job this year of writing solid PPC ad copy and customizing their sitelink....More>>>

Yahoo In A Fight For Its Life

According to Reuters on Tuesday next week the already embattled new Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson will lay out his vision for the company. The pressure will be on to deliver a coherent and convincing plan — emphasis on convincing.

Following the announcement of 2,000 layoffs earlier this week Thompson sought to reassure Yahoo employees in a company memo. A streamlined organizational structure....More>>>

Google Earnings – Q1 Revenue Rises And Paid Clicks Up 20% Though CPC Slips 4% YoY

Google announced their Q1 2013 earnings today, and as many analysts expected, the company posted revenue gains over the previous year. Revenue rose


Known Issue With Google Sitemaps Index Count

The Google Webmaster Central team posted a known issue report with a bug in the reporting engine within Google Webmaster Tools. The indexed URLs report is currently showing 0 pages indexed for most sites who have submitted sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools.

The notice reads:

The indexed URL counts for Sitemaps that you have submitted in Webmaster Tools may be showing zero (0) indexed....More>>>

I’m Feeling Doodly, Playful, Artistic – Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button Gains New Choices

Google’s famous “I’m Feeling Lucky” button on its home page has been changed to add new options such as “I’m Feeling Playful” or “I’m Feeling Trendy.”

The long-standing


Google Analytics Change History Helps You Understand & Track Changes

Have you ever made a change to a filter or other setting in Google Analytics only to wonder why months later? Do you have a team of people who have admin access to your site’s Google Analytics profile and want to better track who changed what and why? Your wish is Google’s command with Change History in Google Analytics.

Change History keeps a historical record to the changes....More>>>

Google’s Matt Cutts – Black Hat & Link Spammers Less Likely To Show Up In Search Results After Summer

A video from Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, today answers some of the questions about what webmasters and SEOs should expect in the near future in regards to SEO.

The primary question Matt asked and answered was, “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?”

Matt addressed 10 points, all summarized at the end as helping improve....More>>>