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Social Media Marketing – Strategy to Commerce

For companies trying to make sense of social media and online marketing, it’s important to take a step back from all the “TwitFaceBlogTubeIn” mania for a second and look at the nature of how these things are going to work for the overall business.

There are many questions that need answers:


Conversion Rate Optimization Software – Choose the Right Tools for Your Business

Conversion rate optimization is the marketing art of maximizing your investment in existing site traffic, through improvements and problem-solving rather than additional ad spend. At some point in any business site’s lifetime, CRO is a must; for smart marketers, it’s an ongoing process that pays dividends over and over again.

Once you’ve invested in attracting traffic to....More>>>

Optimize & Prosper – Discovery, Consumption & Engagement

A recent study “State of Digital Marketing Report” indicated that for both B2B (57%) and B2C (41%) websites, search engine optimization was the most effective marketing tactic for lead generation over paid search advertising and social media marketing. Keep in mind, the study was sponsored by a provider of SEO services and had a conservative sample size. Despite that, the findings are....More>>>

Tracking The Swine Flu Epidemic With Maps & Search

It was less than a week ago that health officials alerted the media to a possible pandemic of swine flu in humans. Since then, authorities have moved quickly to track the outbreak and reassure the public with precautionary measures. Here’s a look at some of the best sources of online information about swine, avian and pandemic flu.

PandemicFlu.Gov is a comprehensive resource of U.S.....More>>>

Social Media Marketing Basics – Facebook & Blog Promotion

As companies grow their confidence and familiarity with the social web, there’s a bit of a mental hurdle they pass in accepting that it makes sense for their organization. It’s not unlike 10 years ago when companies finally started to “get” the need for a company web site.


Is Google Sucking the Life Out of Your Identity? Are They Alone?

In “Can Google be Trusted to Do No Evil?”, I talked about how Google+ provided a hub by which users could be tied to their websites, content, other users, employers, or locations… virtually any entity, with any attribute.

I also pointed out that the amount of information that’s available on most of us that frequent the Internet is immense. The sparse tidbits we share....More>>>

Is Google’s Antitrust Settlement Offer To Europe Dead On Arrival?

The European Union has “accepted” Google’s formal antitrust settlement proposal — subject to “market testing.” As a practical matter, that means EU Competition Commissioner Joaqu


Google Fights Human Trafficking Using Big Data

Google has donated $3 million to three firms that are using big data to aide in the fight against human trafficking.

The search giant announced the launch of the Google Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network at event in Washington, D.C. Google’s project will bring together a variety of human trafficking hotlines to create a consolidated base of data that will be able to identify....More>>>

Google Images Define Words in New Dictionary

Look out Merriam-Webster, there’s a new competitor in town: Google. A new image-based dictionary bearing Google’s name is a bit different and operates on the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, replacing every definition with the first image that showed up in a Google Images search for that name.

Actually, Google didn’t produce this alphabetical image dictionary.....More>>>

3 Essential Content Curation Best Practices to Boost Content Marketing Performance

Creating original content is resource intensive and while some companies that have all the copywriting resources they need (that’s an exception not the rule) it makes sense to curate content in addition to publishing original articles and media.

Curation is the cornerstone of being useful on the social web by finding, filtering and adding insight to content online and sharing with....More>>>