Monthly Archives: December 2014

Seize The Data – 5 Ways To Leverage Big Data for Social Media & Search

Carpe diem! Time is money and the clock is ticking in the race to acquire, decipher and leverage data. Despite the saturation of coverage over “big data” in recent months, many brands are struggling to figure out when and how, exactly, to ride the data wave.

Data is useful to every aspect of business. However, data is, and will increasingly become, especially powerful to those....More>>>

Enhanced Campaigns Countdown – Rising CPC Insights & Migration Tips From iProspect

With the July 22nd mandatory migration to AdWords enhanced campaigns looming, we will be checking in with marketers over the next several weeks to get their perspective on the transition process, hear what they’ve learned so far and what advice they have to share.

I recently spoke with iProspect’s