Monthly Archives: February 2015

Larry Page & Eric Schmidt Back Asteroid Mining Project

Forget data mining, Google’s bosses seem to have set their sights on far loftier goals – asteroid mining. Well, at least that’s the assumption.

Later this April, a new company called Planetary Resources is set to reveal its purpose to an eagerly-awaiting public. The firm is backed by a host of star names, including Google’s CEO Larry Page and Executive Chairman Eric....More>>>

Is Online Privacy a Pipe Dream?

In the early days of the Internet, few people had much concern about online security, in terms of their personal information. After all, there was no eBay, Amazon or online banking available to the rank and file users. That gradually changed, as it became possible to give a credit card number for orders of services and products.

Safeguarding credit card information, of course, was no new....More>>>

Google Earnings Show Halt Of CPC Decline, At Least Temporarily

One of the closest-watched metrics by marketers and investors — the cost-per-click across Google’s advertising business — increased approximately 2% in the fourth quarter, as compared to the third quarter, after several consecutive quarters of decline. The company released the figure as it announced revenues of $14.4 billion in the usually-busy fourth quarter.

The fourth....More>>>

Superfish Debuts ShapeRank for Visual Search; Near Matches More Exciting Than Exact

With the explosion of visual content orientated apps and social networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, visual search seems to be back on the agenda. One only has to look at the subsequent explosion of image orientated socially enabled shopping sites such as ShopCade, Fancy and Glimpse (from The Find) to see that e-commerce vendors are betting on being able to cash-in on a more visually orientated....More>>>

Well-Timed Link Building – How to Capitalize on Popular Topics

In SEO, timing is of the essence. Timing is very important for regular topics with a predictable life cycle. Your link building efforts will be much more effective when you understand the separate phases.

Is There a Predictable Life Cycle for Your Keywords?

Your industry probably has keyword trends that clearly show a life cycle (mainly product names). Google Trends offers some insight....More>>>

Getting Started With Bing Places – A Step-by-Step Guide

Local SEO and local online marketing is an excellent way to help local consumers connect with your business. Those who are local are more apt to go with your services because it is more convenient and easily accessible, and therefore local businesses are often trusted. This makes listing your business in Yelp, Yahoo Local, and Google+ Local very important, but don’t forget Bing’s initiative....More>>>