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Inorganic vs. Organic Backlinking Strategies – Getting Back to Basics

The backlink within the practice of SEO is an ongoing topic of conversation for marketing, sales, delivery and reporting of SEO services. Even in a post Penguin world, SEO professionals are still asking questions such as:

What’s the best way to build backlinks that will have a positive long-term impact on a web presence?Is quantity better than quality?Should I buy backlinks?How do....More>>>

5 Tips for Taking the

How to Twitter? A common question many businesses ask.

Whether you work for a large or small business, in BtoB or BtoC, or are just interested in growing your marketing and sales network, you may have been faced with a common issue:


Google Images Define Words in New Dictionary

Look out Merriam-Webster, there’s a new competitor in town: Google. A new image-based dictionary bearing Google’s name is a bit different and operates on the idea that a picture is worth a thousand words, replacing every definition with the first image that showed up in a Google Images search for that name.

Actually, Google didn’t produce this alphabetical image dictionary.....More>>>

Google, Give Me My $30,000 Back!

I reported at the Search Engine Roundtable that one new AdWords advertiser found a $30,000 surprise from Google in her AdWords account. The advertiser said in a Google AdWords thread that she set up a test ad one night and when she returned the next morning to see how the ad was doing, she noticed she ran up a bill for almost $30,000.

I am not sure how an advertiser can make such a big....More>>>

Yahoo Debuts New Ad Format in News Stream

Yahoo’s front-page news stream now displays personalized ads alongside news articles and other features. Stream Ads, the new ad product, is already garnering interest from various advertisers and comes just a few months after Yahoo introduced the news stream on its home page.

Scott Burke, SVP of advertising and data platforms at Yahoo, said an industry trend and internal strategy are....More>>>

Getting to First Base – A Social Media Marketing Playbook

[Note from Lee: Is that chicken wearing a garter belt?]

Beginning with a blog post on creative blogger pitches, Darren and Julie caught TopRank’s attention with Lee Odden’s name showcased on a flirty pink envelope. Watching Lee dig through the mail looking for his pink envelope only intrigued me more, and I knew I had to read this guide to social media – not only for review purposes,....More>>>

The Power of We – How to Build Personal & Corporate Brand Thought Leadership Through Social Content

Mari Smith exemplifies personal brand through social content

Building personal brand online is easier than ever. It’s also underrated and misunderstood by many companies trying make sense of where personal and brand social media engagement fit in the marketing and communications mix.

For myself, blogging, speaking and becoming an author have been less about becoming a “brandividual”....More>>>

Yahoo Images With Tiled Design, Latest & HQ Images & Getty Images Deal

Yahoo has announced some significant changes to their Yahoo Image and Video Search tools. They include a deal with sourcing Getty Images most recent collections plus an upgraded user interface design with added features to Yahoo Image and Video Search.

Yahoo & Getty Images

Yahoo extended their partnership with Getty Images to add their high quality new Getty Images to the search....More>>>

Comedy Central Brings #ComedyFest to Twitter

If Shakespeare was right and brevity is indeed the soul of wit, Comedy Central and Twitter are on the right track.

That’s because the comedy network and social media platform have teamed up to launch #ComedyFest, or what they are calling the “first-ever celebration of comedy and comedians to be programmed on Twitter.”

Comedy Central promises a great week of content,....More>>>

Benefits of Running Polls on Twitter

If you’re “on Twitter”, no doubt you’ve noticed different Tweeple running polls from time to time. We ran our first poll on Twitter over 3 years ago which resulted in the post, “Guide to Twitter as a Tool for Marketing and PR“, offering insights from other marketing and PR professionals experienced with the Twitter web site.

Polls have been popular interactive....More>>>