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How Will Enhanced Campaigns Affect AdWords’ Conversion Optimizer?

Many Google AdWords advertisers are taking the plunge and upgrading to enhanced campaigns. The deadline is looming on the horizon (July 22).

With so many elements changing in the AdWords management flow, advertisers are scrambling to ensure all details are accounted for.

One area of interest is how campaigns that utilize Conversion Optimizer (CO) will be affected. CO is such a powerful....More>>>

Online Marketing News – Video Trends Map, Content Recommendation Engine & New Google+ Layout

New Google+ Layout: Hangouts, Photos and Stream Reminiscent of Pinterest

Google announced a major update to their social network this week that changes the way Hangouts, photos and the Google+ stream are viewed by users. The decidedly Pinterest-esque layout was just one of many announcements this week out of Google I/O, the totality of which Jeremiah Owyang and Chris Silva dubbed a “wreck.”


Goodbye, Scroogled?

Scroogled, the attack ad campaign Microsoft launched to initially attack Google for switching its shopping results to a paid model and grew to include critiques about Google “reading” the emails of its users to serve ads, is on its last legs.

Well, at least part of it.

Don’t expect to see any more ads on TV or in newspapers, according to Bing Search Director Stefan....More>>>

Understanding Negative SEO & How to Defend Your Website

Google has stirred up some fear by sending out the following message within Google Webmaster Tools, resulting in several discussions in the Internet marketing community on the current effectiveness of negative SEO.

It was previously known that Google would send messages notifying a site owner if their site was pointing to what would be considered spammy pages. It now looks as though....More>>>

German Court Says Google Must Block Libelous Words Added Via Autocomplete Function

In a surprising turn of events, Germany’s top civil court overturned two lower court rulings on a case involving Google’s autocomplete function. According to the ruling, it is Google’s responsibility to block libelous words that appear next to a name via the autocomplete function if Google has been alerted to the defamatory words.

The plaintiff in the case was an unidentified....More>>>

5 Kickin

A whirlwind of upgrades, information, and new features have been spilling out of Google AdWords of late. Consider these five new features that will have advertisers and PPC managers excited about the progress.

1. Upgraded Sitelinks

With the launch of the enhanced campaigns in AdWords, we’re also seeing upgraded sitelinks. In the past, a set of sitelinks were created at the campaign....More>>>

Don’t Let Your Agency Fall into the T-Shaped Black Hole

Type “t shape employee” into Google and you’ll see headlines like “T-Shaped People: the New Employees of the Digital Age” and “T-Shaped Employees: The Key to Success in the New World”.

This management and employment philosophy has been around since the early 1990s, but it has recently become a really hot topic in the marketing agency world.


5 Ways to Boost B2B Conversions

People often think that business-to-business (B2B) marketing is cut-and-dried while business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing is a fundamentally personal and emotional experience.

The truth is that we’re emotional people regardless of whether we’re buying at work or for ourselves, it’s just that the emotions are different.

In its fantastic BuyerSphere research, Enquiro....More>>>

Study – YP Delivers “Better Value” Than Google AdWords

A newly published study has concluded that advertisers see a meaningfully lower “cost per call” vs. those using Google AdWords. The study was commissioned by YP, formerly AT&T Interactive and AT&T Advertising Solutions. The average cost-per-call for YP ads was $46 vs. $88 for AdWords.

More specifically, the study found that the YP cost-per-call “ranged from....More>>>