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Facebook Hashtags – Why It’s Too Early to Declare Failure

New features are released all the time in social media. Many of them take a while to catch on with users. Most marketers and tech-savvy people jump on them first … then about a fortnight later, the general public. This is pretty common even for something as fast-moving as tech.

Which is why early data about the performance of features can be interesting, but not hard evidence of their....More>>>

Visual PR Secrets – Content Power Tips and Social Publishing Trends

If there was a recipe for social PR news success, it would call for a dash of authentic content, a splash of vibrant color, and a double shot of visual inspiration. Oh, and make sure it’s in a mobile-friendly “to go” cup!

Editorialized, Fresh, Newsworthy

We’re in the dawn of brand journalism, a time when visual storytelling is paramount for social media success....More>>>