Monthly Archives: October 2015

International SEO Gone Wrong – 7 Assumptions Can Ruin Your Program

Your domestic SEO program is progressing well. Your rankings are up, traffic is up, and conversions are looking good. But something is seriously amiss abroad.

Those optimizations you sent to the UK team still haven’t been implemented. Your optimizations went live in Germany and increased rankings, but conversion rates have plummeted.

What gives? You may be operating with the....More>>>

Online Marketing News – Biggr Flickr, Kmart Strikes Again, Yahoo Takes A Tumblr, Twitter Cards, Penguin 2 & SEO FUD

Kmart is at it again with a clever follow up to their highly popular video “Ship My Pants” that has had over 17 million views. The play on words this time is “Big Gas Savings” with over 1 million views in 2 days. Like the Old Spice videos that went ballistic, the question remains: They’re very creative and popular, but will these videos get shoppers in stores and buying....More>>>