Monthly Archives: January 2016

How Public Relations & Communications Can Win the Content Marketing Race

In today’s fast moving search and social web, content flows in every direction throughout a variety of platforms, formats and devices.

With a global population of over 7 billion, there are over 2.3 billion internet users. More importantly, there are 6.7 billion mobile subscribers – 91% market penetration (source). Ubiquitous internet access is enabling consumers and brands alike....More>>>

Why Don’t Google & Yahoo Offer Twitter Search?

Yesterday, we got a new news search engine which taps into Twitter that Yahoo’s excited about, as it uses their BOSS system. That kind of annoyed me. Why didn’t Yahoo just build the service themselves? Or a regular Twitter search service, for that matter? And where’s Twitter search from Google?

BOSS is Yahoo’s Build Your Own Search Service product, which lets....More>>>