Monthly Archives: February 2016

Why Do Baidu? Preparing for Paid, Owned, Earned Strategy in China

Global/international search is growing rapidly in the U.S. And there are a handful of countries that continue to drive this growth trajectory. China, Brazil, and Russia are at the forefront.

China ecommerce is growing at a rapid pace and projected to hit $81 billion in the next 5 years. Understanding this, it’s clear why many U.S. retailers are attempting to expand into China. The....More>>>

Google Does Love Windows Phone, When It Comes To Search — Angering YouTube Users

Google doesn’t care about Windows Phone, given the latest spat over its YouTube app? Think again. Google cares very much, at least when it comes to search. That apparent double-standards is something users of its Windows Phone search app have taken to its review page to express upset over.

Windows Phone Doesn’t Matter To Google?

I’ve read a couple of news reports....More>>>