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Google Displaying Company Google+ Logos In Search Results With & Without Rel Publisher

Google is now showing Google+ logos and icons for company profiles in the rich snippets portion of their search results listings.

Ross Hudgens spotted the Google+ icon displayed next to the search result for the company’s listing. Rel=publisher markup is not required for the logo to show up. I believe all that is required is for the company to have a Google+ page that has their website....More>>>

Google Now Shows You Your Most Recent Links

Google has added a new option for downloading your links in Google Webmaster Tools. You can now click on a “download latest links” button.

The latest links download option will download your links that Google Webmaster Tools discovered but do so sorted by date. Google will have the link in one column and in the other column list out the date Google discovered the link.


Matt Cutts – Google +1s Don’t Lead to Higher Ranking

It isn’t often that Google’s Distinguished Engineer Matt Cutts comes right out to debunk a highly publicized blog post regarding something to do with ranking in Google.

Everybody has their own opinions of what works and what doesn’t work, and SEO in itself can be highly subjective, primarily because Google doesn’t really come out and specifically admit the things....More>>>

Integrated PPC – A Mind Meld Across Online Marketing Tactics

Does your marketing department tend to function as a silo? Has your online media become a silo within a silo?

Often times as marketers we tend to focus on the strategy and implementation of our tactics so intently that we forget they should act together as a harmonious online family. There are not only efficiencies in this approach, but also great opportunities to leverage the strengths....More>>>

What on Earth is a Nexialist and Why Are They So Good at Link Building?

The science fiction writer, A.E. van Vogt first coined the term “nexialist” – someone who was trained in “integrated science and thought.” A nexialist was able to see the connections between different disciplines that others could not see, was skilled in conflict resolution and had an uncanny ability to get people to solve complex problems and work together for the....More>>>

Need a Timer? Use Google

Google has a new fun tool built within their search. If you ever need a quick timer for something, grabbing your phone or a regular timer isn’t always convenient when you’re sitting at your desk – and you might not want to install one of the many web apps that do it.

But now you can type specific search query into Google’s search box, and Google will create a timer....More>>>

Google Doodle Spotlights Ella Fitzgerald

The “Queen of Jazz” is in the spotlight today on Google’s homepage. A colorful Google Doodle pays tribute to Ella Fitzgerald, who was born on this date 96 years ago. The American jazz vocalist won 13 Grammy awards and sold 40 million albums.

Google’s logo depicts Fitzgerald front and center on a stage, with the letters making up Google’s name serving as....More>>>

Google Says “Snag” Has Taken Manual Spam Actions Viewer Offline

If you’re not seeing the “Manual Actions” feature in Google Webmaster Tools, you’re not alone. Many webmasters have taken to Twitter and other social networks to say that the link has been removed from their accounts, and Google has updated its original announcement to say that a “snag” will delay full launch for a couple days:

Unfortunately we’ve....More>>>

Bing Adds Warnings To Child-Porn Related Queries In UK; Google Rejects The Idea

Bing has added new pop-up alerts that are triggered when people search for terms considered to be related to child porn, according to the BBC, in reaction to the