Monthly Archives: June 2016

Google Doodle Honors Social Work Pioneer Jane Addams and Hull House in Chicago

A Google Doodle today celebrates one of the pioneering United States social workers, Jane Addams. She was the first American woman to win the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, doing so in 1931. Addams was born on this date 153 years ago.

The Doodle depicts a pastel drawing of Hull House in Chicago, showing children being educated, being cared for by a physician, and celebrating the arts.....More>>>

Google Places for Business vs. Google+ Local

Confused about how Google Places is different from Google+ Local? You aren’t alone. Do you need one, both, or neither? Google hasn’t made it easy for small, local businesses to understand, and it’s left many frustrated and annoyed. Let’s clear up the confusion.

What is Google Places for Business?

Google Places is the information that a search engine receives....More>>>