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How to Use Google Analytics Advanced Segments

Google Analytics provides powerful but under-advertised features for grouping your visitors into buckets based on features of their visit. If you don’t know much about these yet or how to use them, read on.

What are Advanced Segments?

Google Analytics provides some very intuitive default reports. From simple things like being able to see your total number of monthly visits,....More>>>

Google Webmaster Tools Adds Structured Data Dashboard & CNAME Verification

Google added two features to Google Webmaster Tools this week; a structured data dashboard and CNAME record verification.

Structured Data Dashboard

Structured data is a big part of Google’s search results and discovery process and to make it easier for webmasters to understand what structured data Google has indexed from your web site, Google introduced a new section under the....More>>>

Google Testing Smartphone Optimized Icons In Mobile Results

Bryson Meunier spotted new mobile icons in his mobile search experience on Google.

He was searching Google on his Galaxy Nexus running Jelly Bean and noticed a new smartphone icon labeled on some of the search results. The icon symbolizes if the web site you are about to click on is smartphone-optimized or not.

Google told us this is a test they are experimenting with to try to....More>>>

3 Ways to Measure Link Building ROI

Demonstrating the ROI of link building is a tricky, tricky thing. There are cases where you can tell that a link gave you a conversion, or multiple conversions, but many times, links strengthen the whole site or play a starring role in helping out a great SEO campaign.

Tying conversions to any effort that may bear fruit way down the road though? That’s tough. Selling such a service,....More>>>

Google Creates Smart Sitemap Generator Tool

The Google Webmaster Central blog announced that they have just released a new Sitemap generator that works on both Linux/Apache and Microsoft IIS Windows-based servers. The Sitemap generator is different and possibly smarter than other Sitemap tools because it uses web traffic, log files and other methods to find new or modified URLs. You can download the new tool over here.

Why go through....More>>>

Dear Google Alerts – Why Aren’t You Working?

One of Google’s oldest features is Google Alerts, where you can enter keywords you want to monitor and get an email report each day about any new search results that match those terms. It was awesome; but for several weeks, it’s become nearly useless.

My long-standing settings have been for Google to check each day against “Everything” and bring back any new listings....More>>>

Core search activity was up pretty substantially in January, and Google’s US market share returned to the 67 percent level that it was at in November — all according to the latest comScore search engine rankings for January 2013.

Google’s market share rose from 66.7 percent in December to 67 percent in January. Bing’s market share was also up, from 16.3 percent in....More>>>

Report – Mobile To Drive A Third Of Paid-Search Clicks By Year End

Marin Software has released a report on paid click, CPC and conversion trends across the globe, with a focus on mobile. Called “The State of Mobile Search Advertising in the World,” the 2012 data are drawn from search campaigns conducted in 13 geographies including the US, UK, China, Europe and Australia.

Some of the findings, however, will effectively be rendered moot by Google’s....More>>>

Advertisers have reported that they are taking an integrated approach to social media advertising, according to a new Vizu survey.

About 66 percent of advertisers say they integrate paid social ads into their online campaigns. While another 51 percent say they integrate social ads into their offline marketing efforts.

According to Vizu, a Nielsen company, advertisers run paid social....More>>>