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6 More PPC Tasks That Are Ideal for an Intern

If structured properly, internships can be a win-win for both the intern and the company. Hiring the right intern and paying him or her a fair wage can be a big help to a busy PPC manager, while offering invaluable job experience for the intern.

My last post featured six PPC tasks that are ideal for an intern. Now let’s look at six more PPC tasks that are ideal for an intern.


Is Google Getting Ready to Retire PageRank?

If you eagerly watch your PageRank bar to check for any tiny little fluctuation in your site’s rank, you’ve probably noticed that it hardly ever changes. Long gone are the days when we used to see PageRank update on a regular basis, and you could make decisions for link building and site health based on what your PageRank was.

But if you aren’t seeing your PageRank change....More>>>