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How Affiliates Can Implement Future-Proof SEO

For many SEO affiliates, the last year was very tough, especially because of two Google algorithmic updates – Panda and Penguin.

Panda aimed to devalue mediocre content, and, unfortunately, many SEO affiliates had historically invested too little in that field. The number of big affiliates who gained the majority of their traffic through SEO saw traffic decrease significantly.


Matt Cutts – Short Website Downtime Won’t Hurt Your Search Rankings

Back when Googlebot used to crawl your site once a month and rank your site accordingly during the monthly Google Dance, the sheer terror webmasters used to have that their website might be down when Googlebot came to crawl was quite common.

Fortunately, times the changed and Googlebot is regularly accessing websites on a very regular basis. However, one of the notifications in Google’s....More>>>

SEOs Say Links Rule Now, Content & Authorship Will Rule Later, In Moz 2013 Ranking Survey

Matt from Moz (formerly SEOmoz) has released a preview of some of the data from their search ranking factors survey they produce every other year or so. The preview shows us that SEOs still place the most value on links and then keywords on the page. But looking toward the future, content and authorship will play a much larger roll.

In this year’s study, which should be fully released....More>>>

Facebook Restricts Some Ad Placement to Protect Brand Reputation

In an effort to help advertisers protect their brands, Facebook bid adieu to free-for-all ad placement in groups and pages that might compromise the advertiser’s image. Facebook has begun a new review process for ads.

“This process will expand the scope of Pages and Groups that should be ad-restricted. By the end of the week, we will remove ads from all Pages and Groups that....More>>>

Google AdWords for Video Launches with Improved Targeting on YouTube

What does the new Google privacy policy, YouTube and Trueview metrics all have in common? They form the foundation of Google’s latest AdWords platform change which brings video advertising out of the realm of huge budgets and TV ad campaigns and into the hands of small to medium sized businesses all over the world.

Google aims to bring the analytical power of paid search advertising....More>>>

Building a Good Link Profile – Measure Twice, Cut Once

A prospect calls up and asks you to “do this search engine optimization thing” for their website. After checking their website against identified keywords and the competition, you check their link profile, only to find no links (or very few of them).

For whatever reason – whether it’s due to the website being brand new or having never been marketed – these guys....More>>>

Google Reader Closes – Save Your Data by July 15 Or Lose it Forever


Google Reader is no more. Google officially closed the doors on its popular RSS news reader yesterday. Today, it has posted the following message:

Google Reader has been discontinued. We want to thank all our loyal fans. We understand you may not agree with this decision, but we hope you’ll come to love these alternativesas much as you loved Reader./p>



How to Make Money on YouTube – ‘Elementary’

YouTube has made a number of recent announcements aimed at helping more than a million YouTube Partners from over 30 countries around the world earn more money from thousands of advertisers who are placing TrueView in-stream ads inside Partner videos. And you don’t need to be a member of the Baker Street Irregulars to know, “The game’s afoot.”

Two weeks ago, YouTube....More>>>

Desktop search activity continues to rebound, and was up 12 percent year-over-year in June according to the latest comScore qSearch data just out today.

ComScore estimates that there were 19.2 billion “core” desktop searches last month. That’s down four percent from the 20 billion searches in May. But it’s a 12 percent increase from June 2012. And it’s also....More>>>

Stop Obsessing Over AdWords Quality Score

Quality score is more complex than you think it is, but probably less useful. It’s an integral part of the ad auction, yet the metrics Google provides to advertisers can be misleading. Don’t get suckered into making the wrong decisions.

Why Does Quality Score Even Exist?

Imagine you’re Google and you want to maximize your revenues. You can break that down into two....More>>>