Monthly Archives: January 2017

How Affiliates Can Implement Future-Proof SEO

For many SEO affiliates, the last year was very tough, especially because of two Google algorithmic updates – Panda and Penguin.

Panda aimed to devalue mediocre content, and, unfortunately, many SEO affiliates had historically invested too little in that field. The number of big affiliates who gained the majority of their traffic through SEO saw traffic decrease significantly.


Matt Cutts – Short Website Downtime Won’t Hurt Your Search Rankings

Back when Googlebot used to crawl your site once a month and rank your site accordingly during the monthly Google Dance, the sheer terror webmasters used to have that their website might be down when Googlebot came to crawl was quite common.

Fortunately, times the changed and Googlebot is regularly accessing websites on a very regular basis. However, one of the notifications in Google’s....More>>>