Monthly Archives: July 2017

Google’s Matt Cutts – A Little Duplicate Content Won’t Hurt Your Rankings

Duplicate content is always a concern for webmasters. Whether it’s a website stealing content from another site, or perhaps a website that hasn’t taken an active role in ensuring they get great unique quality content on their site, being duplicated out of the Google index is a problem.

In the latest webmaster help video from Google’s Matt Cutts, he addresses how Google....More>>>

Google Torches Yet Another ‘Undetectable’ Link Network

Google’s spam team has taken down yet another link network, the second in as many weeks. The target this time was The takedown was announced by Google’s Matt Cutts on Twitter, where he cited a line from their marketing pitch where they said their paid links were undetectable by search engine bots.

Google is clearly going after paid link networks at this time,....More>>>