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Dont Worry, You Can Still Buy a Gun During a Government Shutdown

Firearms subject to background checks performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation can still be purchased during the government shutdown, which began Saturday morning after Republicans and Democrats were unable to agree on a funding deal. 

Plenty of government resources will temporarily shutter, including cultural institutions, parts of the Internal Revenue Service....More>>>

Top 10 Energy Stocks To Buy Right Now

Dr. Kent Moors

The UK is on the verge of another energy crisis. Like clockwork, these seem to hit the country almost every year.

And it’s crucial to pay attention, because what’s happening over there shows the strength and opportunities of the energy market here at home.

Earlier this year, as veteran readers will remember, the Brexit vote lead to a drop in the....More>>>

Dont be fooled: Stock picking is still a losers game

Although I dont spend a ton of time watching the financial news, I see more than enough of the misinformation that too many people seem to regard as factual.

Last week I was appalled (though not totally surprised) to see a commentator describe 2018 as likely to be a stock pickers year.

This is the stupidest sales pitch for active management that I know. And I dont think stupid is....More>>>

Ray Blancos Pot Report: Your Guide to a Big Pay-Off

Changes in public sentiment and to state laws have created a tidal wave of profits for fast moving investors in pot stocks.

With the pot industry still in its infancy, many of these companies have their best days ahead of them.

If you buy into the right companies now, before the big money starts rolling in, you could stand to make six figures, or more.

Today, Ill show you a....More>>>

Gridiron BioNutrients Inks Endorsement Agreement With USAs Worlds Strongest Man Competitor

Earlier this month, small cap health and wellness and Cannabidiol (CBD) stock Gridiron BioNutrients (OTC: GMVP) announced that the Worlds Strongest Man contenderRobert Oberst(Oberst) will be endorsing the Gridiron CBD product line. Gridiron BioNutrients current innovative CBD products include Gridiron MVP water, Gridiron MVP concentrate, Gridiron CBD H2O Probiotics water, Gridiron Premium Hemp Salve,....More>>>

2018 IPO Prospects: AirBnB More Than Halfway Ready To List

If there is one Billion-Dollar Unicorn that has never been in a rush to go public, it is AirBnB (Private:AIRB). The 10-year old company has taken to heart Warren Buffett’s mantra of “get rich slow.” After carefully planning its financial and operating model, AirBnB believes that it will be ready to go public this year.

AirBnB’s Growth Offerings

The vacation....More>>>

better investing

Small stocks are logging big gains largely because tiny companies generate most of their sales and profits domestically, where Donald Trump’s economic agenda is seen benefiting the most.

Trumps call for lower taxes, fewer regulations on businesses and government-financed infrastructure projects are viewed as a boon for smaller companies.

Almost all of Trumps platform ideas will....More>>>

Your Daily Pharma Scoop: Aradigm Sees Sell-Off Ahead Of Ad Com, Editas Provides Update, Axsome Suffe

Analysis of top Seeking Alpha coverage: Aradigm

Today we will discuss the much-anticipated FDA briefing documents for Aradaigms (ARDM) Linhaliq. The documents were made available today ahead of the Ad Com meeting on Thursday, January 11th.

Following the release of the documents, ARDM shares have tumbled more than 40%. We have gone through the briefing documents and we do not see any....More>>>

Best Safest Stocks To Watch Right Now

The rise of inexpensive index funds, which has made stock diversification less costly for the average investor, isnt without its shortcomings. Notably, it could result in lower future returns, according to a financial blogger at Philosophical Economics.

In a weekend blog post, the anonymous trader, who adopted the name of the legendary stock trader Jesse Livermore, explained why a 4% historical....More>>>

Hot Blue Chip Stocks To Watch Right Now

NEW YORK Stocks fellWednesday as the Dow dropped more than 100 points, putting more distance between the blue chipsand that elusive 20,000 mark.

Dow 20,000 has been in sight for several days now, with the index getting as close as a couple of dozen points from the milestone but never reaching it.

At the 4 p.m. ET close, the Dow stood0.6% lower for the day, off 111points and 166away....More>>>