Monthly Archives: June 2018

Saudi women are driving men for Uber’s Mideast rival

If you order a taxi anywhere in the world, chances are you’ll get a male driver.

Careem the Middle East’s answer to Uber is aiming to change that in one of the most conservative societies in the world by recruiting Saudi women to take the wheel after a female driving ban was lifted on Sunday.

Careem has received over 2,000 applications since announcing it would recruit....More>>>

Key Stocks in the Defense Sector: Cramer’s Off the Charts

In a market fraught with increased volatility and puzzling responses to strong earnings reports, it’s becoming harder to know where to put money to work.

In his “Off the Charts” segment on Mad Money Tuesday night, Jim Cramer checked in with Bob Moreno, publisher of and a contributor to Real Money, to get a better sense of one sector that is seeing growing....More>>>