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An Easy Way To Check What Referrer Data Google, Bing Or Yahoo Pass To Your Secure Site

With the three major search engines migrating their default searches to secure search, over SSL/HTTPS, marketers and webmasters want to know what referrer and analytics data will be passed to them and what won’t.

The majority of Google is secure search, Yahoo yesterday defaulted all searches to be conducted over SSL, and Bing is currently testing SSL search for those who opt in.


Pinterest Tests Personalized Home Page, Adds GIF Support & New Recipe Search

Never dull, the Pinterest platform was abuzz with news this week, including an announcement for a new recipe search for special dietary needs and a couple features spotted by users in testing, including personalized home pages and functional GIF images.

1. Personalized Home Pages

Reports of a new personalized home page for select Pinterest users surfaced this week. TechCrunch reported....More>>>