Top 10 Energy Stocks To Buy Right Now

Dr. Kent Moors

The UK is on the verge of another energy crisis. Like clockwork, these seem to hit the country almost every year.

And it’s crucial to pay attention, because what’s happening over there shows the strength and opportunities of the energy market here at home.

Earlier this year, as veteran readers will remember, the Brexit vote lead to a drop in the....More>>>

Dont be fooled: Stock picking is still a losers game

Although I dont spend a ton of time watching the financial news, I see more than enough of the misinformation that too many people seem to regard as factual.

Last week I was appalled (though not totally surprised) to see a commentator describe 2018 as likely to be a stock pickers year.

This is the stupidest sales pitch for active management that I know. And I dont think stupid is....More>>>